After Erasmus….Papyrus, the European Parliament has decided to get involved



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After Erasmus….Papyrus, the European Parliament has decided to get involved.

European Parliament’s president, Olaf Frederiksson, has once again given us the proof of his passionate and Viking temperament, with his sturdy character and his straight talk that impresses the assembly. Before handing out his speech, the elected representatives imagine their president, preceded by his big blond moustache, to be on the verge of undertaking a punitive expedition.

Youth, the power of change and initiative.

With his powerful voice that resounds at the silent “hémicycle”, he has the habit of starting each of his speeches with the same introduction.

 << We need a stronger Europe, an exemplary Europe that functions, a Europe being closer to its citizens and inspiring them trust, a Europe that speaks the same language and that promises to unify big projects. An audacious Europe with its social and economical reforms>>  and…. all at once a Europe whose youth may feel proud of today and tomorrow.

Elaboration of a participatory project.

Today, he proclaims « I am proud of all of you my deputy friends, you are worthy elected representatives of the people because each and every single one of you met our young citizens bringing an initiative of collective communication with the youth, « Papyrus » that the European Parliament has implemented with success».

The head of the European Parliament, father of 10 children, is convinced that we must respond at the expectations of the youth because it is an essential social component that fully establishes the attitude and contributes on building the Europe of tomorrow.

Furthermore, our youth disposes a clean energy of vision and creativity that provide the driving forces of the deepening sense of common objectives in the European Federation.

Just until recently, the European bodies would only launch information plans of communication and outreach that would end up being unproductive and sterile for the young generation…

The communication campaigns followed steadily one another with, logos, forums, real time streaming at the Parlamentarium, interactive researches, marketing gadgets, sophisticated website and the use of new technologies: the results and the benefits were minute not to say non-existent.

Listening, Questioning and Reasoning

In view of this, the European Parliament decided to launch a pilot initiative called « Papyrus Project ». This project transformed the 751 deputies in missi dominici in direct contact with the youth: all the elected members visited universities and schools in order to have a dialogue with the citizens. This turned out to be a huge success with concrete and prominent results.

Through the extent of the project in all the European territory « Papyrus » has achieved wonders; each European deputy sent out in the field wouldn’t settle by only visiting the scholar and university institutes, they also proposed a new adapted methodology bringing the targeted citizens to express themselves in order to emerge the emancipatory federal projects dedicated to the youth.

Promising Results

All the ideas and initiatives that arise from « Papyrus » are being now presented and prime time broadcasted via television channels and social networks: documentaries, short films, promotional cinema films, clips about Papyrus, talk shows, European deputies’ reports, young people’s testimony about Papyrus.

The activity altogether led to the creation of a new pan-European channel dedicated to Papyrus.

Clearly the new road map prepared by Olaf Frederiksson trying to communicate with the youth, is full of hopes because it is based on the use of means of communication and most of all on interactivity and exchange.

The communication becomes successful once you work together to achieve common goals.


Congratulations at the elected members that could convince not so much by addressing but mostly by giving and sharing.


Hubert Heine

Translation, Alba


We will do it!

Ces infos ne sont pas encore d’actualité.




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