L’Europe fédérale, une chance pour les citoyens !


Chronicle of a convinced European

OLIVIER AND Boruchowitch KOTEK JOELOLIVIER BoruchowitchThere is one year, some of us met for the first time in a Brussels café to talk about the growing impact of the crisis, it caused havoc in the middle classes, the slowness of which EU was evidence to make decisions commensurate with the issues that occurred to her, and increasing fracture that separated and sometimes objected violently, Northern countries and their neighbors in southern Europe. We, ordinary citizens were dreaming of another Europe and we are taken to want to give life to our dream.

We then thought about it and we are informed, have read and met with a vengeance and handshakes. Soon, federal Europe has imposed on us as obvious. Among the many reading specialists as laymen we have traveled, a figure unexpected amid the wave of economic gloom, social and political obstacles plague caught our attention: the cost of non-Europe amounts to € 800 billion per year. That social and economic progress, as educational achievement, mobility, technological and industrial innovations, therefore job creation, could we accomplish with some 30,000 billion old Belgian francs! What credible and realistic alternative would that mean for our citizens and all Europeans, faced with the proliferation of unproductive austerity policies that severely affect the social fabric!

Other findings were also imposed on us. The pressing need for institutional reform, transparency and democratization was seriously lacking to build this new Europe. The resurgence of stereotypes describing Greeks or Spaniards profiteers, and the rulers of Germans, we referred to the darkest pages of our history.

This has strengthened our conviction that we had to act in favor of a federal Europe, citizen, inclusive and entrepreneurial, a serious but inventive Europe, listening and protector of society. To this end we decided at our modest level and bringing together civic energy who would like to join us, to be the mouthpiece of a vision that transcends left / right divisions, a Europe that moves, that wants to take his destiny in a world increasingly complex, increasingly aggregated and in which each member State of the Union can not afford alone, to weigh on the economy, diplomacy , technology…

Our conclusion is simple: together we are stronger, together we are better organized to avoid unnecessary costs and boost our energy. Together we can create a vibrant society of greater social justice and releasing all forces to strengthen our vocation to undertake and protect the most vulnerable among us in order to reintegrate them into society. Together, we can create more respectful of the legitimate aspirations of our institutions and give the European project a human depth, vitality and dynamism.

Away from demagoguery and populism all, Stand Up was born a year ago by the mere will of a few people – who do not consider at all a political career – to make things happen. And we were soon joined by many people who share our ambition, feel they can turn to enrich, nourish and wear. This virtual newspaper is here to show you what we can achieve tomorrow, together, if we rise to build a federal Europe.

Read our proposals, they are for you, and also you join us to make new ones. Support our electoral effort to make your voice heard. Stand Up is here for you and by you. Stand up for Europe and for yourself. Europe is a real opportunity for change. Enter the May 25 voting Stand Up  !


Olivier Boruchowitch

Editor and founding member of Stand Up


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