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The technological quest for a better quality of life

Once upon a time… the revolutionary experimental plane SI2, propelled by batteries charged by more than 17.000 photovoltaic cells placed on its wings, succeeded in its world tour.

« Innovation and the pioneering spirit must go on. The revolution of clean technology must progress » declared Bertrand Piccard in April 2016. This inventor was emphasizing his conviction that « in a not so distant future, electric airplanes will be capable of transporting about fifty people. »

It was like being in one of Jules Verne’s novels: enthusiast dreamers willing to promote renewable energies that throw themselves into a world tour on a solar plane, to fly without fuel or pollution. Icarus’ revenge, in some way.” John Forsythe, the dynamic President of the young European Federation, an admirer of the visionary spirit of Jules Verne and a fan of his adventure and science-fiction novels, likes to remind this old episode and desires more than ever to place both dream and science at the heart of the human adventure by surrounding himself with those who share similar values.

A project crazy enough to talk to emotions and inspire passion

Solar energy was certainly a technological challenge, an ambitious project with positive externalities for everyone and the European Federation had decided to support it by allocating to it a considerable section of its budget for R&D. Not only that, this project was considered a symbol and an important point of reference to change the mentality of the peoples of world.

The momentum for change resulted following COP 21 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris) and the shocking initiatives taken by the European Federation through its environmental policy, considered innovative by the international community, finally led to a true positive, voluntarist and multilateral engagement. Europe led the change that eventually allowed development through low carbon emissions and the adoption of new proper technologies. This was possible thanks to its will to promote the use of circular economic and trade models and the adoption of intelligent and green energies and technologies.

John Forsythe had decided to fight for this.

Put dream and emotion at the heart of the scientific adventure

In fact, our President intends to lead a crusade on this subject with a welded European team capable of speaking with one voice. Impressed by the incredible epics that characterized the last century, such as the conquest of the Poles and the Everest, the exploration of the sea bed, the stratosphere and space and the first steps on the Moon, he wants to show that it is possible to dream of a future based on renewable energy, bringing back to the European citizens the taste for adventure and perpetuating the pioneering spirit.

John Forsythe restlessly proclaimed to all the media of the world: “even major challenges await humanity. They will open new horizons to science but this time the goal will not be to conquer unknown territories but to preserve the planet from real threats and improve the quality of life.”

We need a change of model

According to the President of the European Federation, the next great adventures are going to be different: humanitarian and health-related, such as the fight against extreme poverty and new epidemics; political, like improving world governance; spiritual, like bringing back profound and sure values; technological, in order to reply to the threats against our environment in a sustainable way.

“We must try to enter the logic of sustainable development. Let’s prove that this is a new and formidable march with plenty of economic outputs for those who are able to invest in time. Let’s underline the scientific interest, encourage the pioneering spirit, value the use of renewable energies so that they are considered with admiration.”. Forsythe relentlessly repeated.

Let’s get out of the shell of certainties in which we live

“Let’s showcase and support tirelessly those who invent or use new environmentally friendly technologies, the citizens that get carried away by great adventures and are ready to dream like pioneers and explorers.”

In this context, the European Federation has been able to wisely capitalize momentum for technologies that decrease dependence on fossil fuels and to generate approval for renewable energies among the population.

Through this approach, John Forsythe and the European government were able to realize things previously considered impossible: they brought about the necessary change to ensure the energetic and ecological future of our continent, created a positive and stimulating image of environmental protection, show that alternative energy sources together with new technologies can lead to incredible results.

Our valiant President, John Forsythe, supported by all Members of Parliament, wants to keep telling the European citizens, and to all the citizens of the world, that we must take revolutionary actions in order to ensure our future.


Hubert Heine


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