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Dear Mr. President,

                « … I am writing to you this letter, that you may read when you have the time… »You might certainly have recognized the beginning of an old and beautiful song by Boris Vian. I dared to borrow his name and his shadow to ask you about the content of one of your last interventions as appeared in Nouvel Européen.

Why using this poet as a screen, when I completely agree with the content of your reflections and I’m enthusiastic about our new Europe, returned to its traditional values and to its role of lighthouse to its citizen and to the rest of the world? Quite simply because a passage of today’s newspaper appeared to me too bold, I dare say impertinent, seen the institution you represent.

Thinking, even for an instant, that you will not read my letter, would be inconsistent with the values of listening and respect that you share and that led to your election to the head of our continent, finally renewed. Still, don’t be offended as this honest doubt would only arise because it is hard to believe that in your overloaded agenda, filled with tasks, meetings and presentations required by your function, you can find the time for your daily mail and e-mail reading.

Going back to the previously mentioned passage of yours, I think it should have been explicited more. I am referring to the part where you say: « Let us relentlessly support those who invent or use new eco-friendly technologies. »

Of course, I share the idea but it seems to me that such a will can only lead to results if the people responsible for this audacious policy are able to prove themselves. Indeed, it is necessary that all European citizens are convinced that new technology will give them something positive and concrete, something valuable for their everyday life. We should not bury our heads in the sand: still today, for the majority of certain groups of Europeans – for whom I have, as you do, great respect – technological development, whatever its applications, means losing their jobs. To them  « every time a machine is improved and computerized, more and more workers are replaced! ». It is essential that the fast evolution and the inevitable development of science and technology are met, especially in our schools, with a simultaneous revolution of the training process, in order to create new and innovative jobs to cope with the ones that disappear. This requires a radical change in the mentalities of the training sector, the business sector and, most importantly, the population. In fact, too often technological innovations, especially the eco-friendly ones, do not improve the quality of life of the population either because they are reserved to a small privileged fraction capable to understanding them and using them to improve their personal, social and professional life; or because, and this is even worse, the new technologies are used for misguided and negative purposes, different from the ones imagined by their creator and capable to provoke terrible catastrophes.

In short, in my opinion, the participation of the citizens to this dynamic and creative movement will only be effective if it is encouraged and accompanied by clear information and high-quality training. Only the combination of the two can prevent the negative effects of technological progress that could slow it down. Reconciling technological progress with social and human progress and reconciling man with the environment are two goals closely related to each other. Europe should work to achieve this and in doing so it would contribute to improving the general wellbeing of all of Planet Earth.

I thank you in advance for the attention you will pay to the content of my letter. I hope that my remarks can contribute, although modestly, to the cause that you are leading as President of the European Federation on this difficult path that is technological progress. In expressing to you my warmest respect and devotion, I give my best regards.


Bruno Heureux.

Member of the Support Committee of Stand Up for Europe


We will do it!

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