European art: a treasure worth valorizing


« Le Nouvel Européen.

Discover what Europe could be »

« Dites, si c’était vrai »

President Forsythe, contacted by some young European citizens, recalls that European federation is more than ever determined to preserve Europe’s common cultural heritage and make it accessible to everyone. Our President has affirmed loud and clears that we shall contribute more to the development of Member States’ cultures, while at the same time emphasizing the common cultural heritage.

Youngsters want a paradigm shift. The youth platform of the citizen’s movement Stand Up For Europe decided to consult the European federation with a view to launching an extensive campaign to inform and raise awareness among younger Europeans, considering that the Union has widely prioritized its economic foundations to the detriment of cultural cooperation.

The European federation is characterized by a diverse culture that can unite and shape its members. This “diverse unity” invites us to build a future up to its past for an unprecedented and harmonic cultural occasion.

A unique heritage worldwide
European art is deeply tied to European history. Every age of our past has left precious pearls for the future generations, so as to be preserved and admired and to perpetuate its existence forever. Together, these pearls make up our common treasure; a treasure able to tell all about our alliances, conflicts and cultural differences but also to inspire us ad maiora, which means to push us forward towards greater accomplishments.

A heritage anchored in the present
This precious treasure helps us understand the present and reminds us to stay united in diversity. Europe is indeed experiencing an unprecedented period of peace thanks to our union and to a collective effort that put and end to centuries of sufferings, deaths and poverty due to the divisions between countries. Pablo Picasso managed to express this suffering in his painting Guernica through the concrete example of the bombing of a Spanish city by Nazi forces.

A renewing heritage
We shouldn’t automatically look at past heritage to understand our present. In fact, this heritage never stopped expanding and giving evidence of our present. For example, the English artist Bansky has given its own interpretation of Brexit, which indirectly invites the spectator to realize the crisis of the European Union and mobilize accordingly.

In conclusion: discover this treasure!
For the future, we should all rediscover our heritage and share with others what our treasure is trying to tell us, now more than ever: together we are strong, divided we are weak!

Don’t remain indifferent to art, as art can speak to you and shape your life. As Antonio Gramsci said:  «The indifference operates with great power on history. The indifference operates passively, but it operates». So, don’t hesitate to visit every museum, decrypt every work of art and travel to find this treasure. At the end of your trip, you will be richer in knowledge and a guide for others!

Federico Licandro

Stand Up for Europe member 

We will do it!

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