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Thanks to the European potential and the support of the EU, a refugee takes on the digital world generating employment and growth

January 2016. The Yazidi Hassan Khala family is decimated by a coward jihadist attack in Singar, northwestern Iraq. Hassan is left for dead, his wife and two children are slaughtered by the barbarians of the IS.

March 2018. Hassan, now a refugee in Europe, is hosted by a family and relearns how to live together day-to-day. A beautiful example of integration in the social diversity of a big city, he enhances his competences in the digital industry.

April 2018. Hassan designs and develops custom made communication devices on Facebook for different brands. He hopes to take up a position in an e-marketing agency by proposing new functions and microblogging apps.

January 2019. Hassan creates his own enterprise and finalizes his business plan, whom he successfully presents to interested investors through his innovative project and development strategy. Moreover, he benefits from financial incentives and investment premiums coming from the EU.

June 2019. Hassan is getting discouraged, his entrepreneurial adventure is particularly difficult and testing. If this experience started as a thrilling adventure, it also brought his uncertainties and hardships. Nevertheless, Hassan keeps his enterprise afloat thanks to the competences, dynamism and motivation of some friends who trust him, one of which is a correspondent for the European Commission in charge of the support to SMEs. This friend manages the EU programme EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), composed by 600 support organization in 50 countries, which participates in the organization of events during which Hassan has been able to conclude key commercial partnerships.

Hassan had the good idea of adding his project to the EEN database, which contains more than 10000 technological or commercial offers, as well as information on events, trade missions, professional services and knowledge on the local markets.

April 2021. Hassan, who had called his enterprise Alwilada (the Arab word for “birth” and the first name of his mudered daughter), has realized more than 300 apps for more than 100 brands in 9 European and Asian countries. His young enterprise is on its way to become the leader in its sector and has generated several jobs divided between refugees and European partners.

May 2023. Hassan has decided to be an activist for the young European Federation and has accepted some tasks of advisor to the Minister charged with the common immigration and asylum policy.

December 2025. On the occasion of the celebration of Aïd al-Adha, that coincides on this date with the Christmas celebrations, Hassan decides to create a local branch in his native country and to contribute to the efforts of economic recovery of Iraq.

The President of the European Federation, John Forsythe, is always happy to talk about this success story to which Europe is not unfamiliar to.

Hubert Heine

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